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when everyone on your dash seems to like/talk to someone who’s not been great to you


emmykinney: Tunes. Tuesday.

emmykinney: Tunes. Tuesday.

Harsh comments about Beth wanting a drink after she watched her father die right in front of her, at this point, is really starting to become insulting. Male characters can grieve however they want, right? Let them cry and and do whatever they have to when they grieve, but god forbid if a female character wants to do something for herself, to try and grieve in her own way. God forbid.



I completely understand being apathetic about character deaths or even being happy about antagonists’ deaths, but don’t celebrate when a protagonist dies just don’t, don’t be shitty, don’t spend your day hoping a character loved by other characters and viewers alike will die, have some decency.

team beth will back you up if any a-holes comes your way

I love you guys.


EW: Which scenario would Glenn and Maggie prefer: safe but separate, or trapped together?

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 © Sarah Dunn Photography